Why writing about your business is so hard

Ever get that frozen finger feeling when you sit down at your computer to write about your business? You know what you do, what you’re all about and you spend endless hours toiling on your business but the words just won’t flow. I know that feeling all too well and I write for a living! When I sat down at the computer to write all about my new business Peacock Content on this website I stalled, I clicked onto social media, I did client work instead … writing those words to put myself out there was hard. Much harder than I was anticipating and much harder than writing them for someone else.

In pushing through and getting the copy written for my website, I had to face up to the reasons why writing about your own business is so hard. In my case, it was a reflection of myself, of my ambitions, of my hopes and dreams for my future. It was a snapshot of my skills, my work and what my business stands for. And that’s a lot of pressure! I was scared of getting it wrong. Of failing. Of missing the mark of what I’d imagined in my head. If you’re anything like me, under that kind of pressure, you’ll keep toiling away at keeping your current clients happy but fail to adequately market yourself for a fear of not getting it quite right. And that’s no way to run a successful business.

So, with that in mind. I ploughed through. I took the pressure off by reminding myself why I wanted this business to exist in the first place. If I wanted to help people tell the stories of their own business, I had to tell the story of my own. Once you take that pressure off yourself, the words can flow lot easier.

Another technique I used was – don’t wait for it to be perfect, just get it done. Getting something up there, no matter how much it falls short of your original vision is much better than having nothing out there at all. Start small and build from there. Tell the world what you are about, what services you offer, how people can contact you and maybe get a blog post up there. If you tackle it in stages, it’s going to be a lot less intimidating and maybe even fun!

And then set a plan for updating and improving. Measure what’s connecting with people, set up a regular schedule for blogging and start promoting on social media channels. Once you’ve started the process it gets much easier and becomes part of your working week.

I’d love to hear from you! What are your struggles when writing about your business?

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