Are you looking for a different way to tell your company’s story? Maybe it’s time to consider brand journalism as an alternate way to communicate what your business is all about.

What is brand journalism?

Brand journalism, also known as corporate journalism, uses journalistic storytelling to express your business’s key messages in a way that is interesting and intriguing for your clients, customers and potential customers. We see it as being entertaining, valuable and meeting your target market’s need.

Brand journalism captures and speaks to the interests of interconnected consumers who want customized, connective content. Brand journalism can be the most valuable tool in the marketing toolbox. Marketers have the chance of a lifetime to connect and engage consumers with journalistic brand storytelling that customers will want to consume. In this new era, brand journalism will be an increasingly important part of marketing’s future.

Larry Light – Ad Age, July 21, 2014.

Content consumers are increasingly savvy and only content that connects gets noticed. Instead of merely telling potential customers that you are here and this is what you do, you need to show them how you can help them and what they might experience if they let you help them. Brand journalism isn’t just text on a screen, it can span video, infographics, podcasting, blogs and custom publications. The key is to make the content valuable, easily digestible and shareable.

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